External Vertical gardens - Green Façade System

This system allows us to build vertical gardens. The structure, which is made from mild steel, is modular and it allows us to cover any surfaces in term of dimensions and shape.
Its dimensions have been studied to allocate specific botanical essences, which can vary depending on the geographical context, solar exposure and the natural lighting.

The system include the ferti-irrigation manageable from a pc, which guarantee an appropriate monitoring of the plants’ needs and ensure a long living.
The structure take up a minimal amount of space and guarantee a good ventilation of the concrete wall and protect the wall from water and humidity infiltration.

Energy savings and buindings' protection

The external vertical garden is a “second skin” for the building, which help to increase the insulation and reduce the energy waste, limiting the building’s managing costs.
The building’s façade can undergo temperature’s fluctuation (seasonal and day/night thermal excursion) and permanent exposure to sun and wind.
The temperature’s fluctuation include material’s expansion and contraction, which force the building to continuous stress, beyond an internal discomfort.
Thanks to the vertical garden installation, the wall will be protect from the ultraviolet rays and acid rains, reducing the plaster cracks and extending its life, even more than having a stable temperature both in summer and winter since the energy that pass through a vertical garden is significantly less than a traditional wall and it helps to reduce the fluctuations and stabilize an average temperature which guarantee an higher internal comfort.

Urban Placement

The Green Façade System adds the beauty of nature to any artificial structure.

Soften the Appearance of Concrete: Add the beauty of nature to cold and empty buildings. Natural Beauty: Our green walls provide buildings with a sense of harmony with nature, similar to the trees you find on an otherwise empty street, helping to integrate the feeling of the outdoors into your building’s environment.


We believe that green walls can become a highly effective marketing tool that can demonstrate your dedication to the green initiative.
The Green Façade System allows to emphasize your brand, which will have more visibility alongside a green sensibility. This aspect will make your brand more visually appealing, as green environments are always appreciated.
Restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, offices and nursing homes use the green to emphasize their brand.

Air Quality

Green walls help to improve air quality through a natural filtration system, which consist in toxic substances absorption and fine powders dejection giving us clean air, rich of oxygen, thanks to the photosynthesis process.
50 square metres of the Green Façade System consumes about the same amount of CO2 that a 15 meter tree would consume in a year!

Health and Well-being

It's been proven that green improve people’s health and well-being.
Healing effects: studies have shown that patients who have rooms that face parks or gardens visit the doctor’s less frequently for health problems, and have faster recovery times than people who have views of uninspiring concrete walls.
Reduce your stress: People feel calmer and less stressed as a result of having green walls. These walls help to reduce the physical and psychological pressures caused by living in the city, giving you a physical and spiritual connection with nature. The beauty of green walls can rejuvenate our minds and greatly reduce physical fatigue.
Increase your productivity: People have been said to feel more productive when they are immersed in a green environment.

Buildings' protection

One of the greatest advantages of the Green Façade System is its protective covering.

Reduce the fluctuation of temperature: Protecting your building with the Green Façade System reduces the fluctuation of temperature on the building’s outer shell. Fluctuations in temperature add to the expansion and contraction of building materials, ultimately submitting the walls to stress and decay.

Protected from Harsh Weather Conditions: Green walls protect the outer shell of a building from ultraviolet rays and acid rain. By reducing the cracking and charring on the walls, the durability of the building is improved and its overall lifespan increased.

Urban Green

The external vertical garden help to restore the natural habitat, which are disappearing very quickly and represent a risk for the fauna.
Green walls can be designed to provide ideal conditions for birds, bees and butterflies. They can provide sources for fresh water, food, protection and places to raise their young.

Sound Isolation

Noise pollution is becoming a growing problem in cities, but it can be fought with the help of green walls.
We are constantly surrounded by noise and vibration in the cities we live. Green walls can be a buffer to reduce outside noise and vibration (up to 40 dB) in our homes and workplaces.
The vertical garden reduce significantly the noise perception raising the internal comfort.

Water Consumption

The Green Façade System has an extremely low water consumption level, equal to 0.5 litres for every square meter, thanks to the ground layer especially studied which helps to regulate the soil humidity.
A water supply is needed maximum 2/3 times a week, depending on solar exposure and temperatures.
We use a ferti-irrigation system connected directly with a control unit, whose data can be controlled from the pc, which gives us information about the humidity of the ground layer and allows to reduce 90% of water.
This water saving is permitted by the vertical garden itself, that, with its own characteristics, does not permit the water to percolate.
In the viewpoint of system’s versatility, where it isn’t possible to have a water pump in the vicinity, we have created an appropriate kit that allows the walls to live independently for at least one month without having to worry about a water pump or having an empty water supply.
Appropriate sensors are positioned in the building, giving the client or maintenance technician the necessary signals when they need to attend to the system.

Temperature Regulation

The external green wall helps the building to maintain stable temperatures, with consequent energy saving.
In the cities we often assist at the heat island effect, areas which are hotter than their immediate vicinities. This event can be caused by massive use of air conditioning systems, streets made of asphalt, vehicles and concentration of people.
Green walls help to absorb heat through the process of evaporation and shade. This creates fresh air areas in the city and reduces the need for air conditioning.
The vertical garden creates spaces that are much more refreshing for people who live in the cities, which will be more pleasant.
The temperature reduction means less polluting emissions, thus also reducing the energy consumption that creates greenhouse gases.

Regular Maintenance

The Green Façade System was established around plants, giving the maximum root and vegetative well-being necessary to reduce the death of your plants over time.
The system was constructed with watertight flowerboxes and distanced from the supporting walls by 2 cm of light. This allows us to facilitate the constant recycling of air necessary to maintain the perfect state of your supporting walls, preserving the health of your plants.

More Value for Your Property

The green façade system can increase the value of your property.
It has been shown that the landscape’s quality adds 15% to 20% of value to a building.
When you add a green wall to your building (in the middle of a concrete jungle), it will be more appealing and different. This diversity will make it easier to sell or rent. People would like to stay closer to your offices or homes. Your building will be the centre of attention and this alone will give a higher value to your property.